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                                                                                     Annual General Meeting - 13th June 2014, at Downend Cricket Club 7:30pm


Apologies for absence – Tony Palmer, Lee Slateford, Mark Gillen, Dan Carey, Tom Chambers, Ally Bigwood

Minutes of last meeting – Proposed and Seconded


Chairman’s opening remarks

Poor turnout (only 10 people), but Ian thanked those who did make the effort to attend.

Ian spoke about his pleasure at being chairman of this great football club, and hopes that all players and management feel the same pride that he does to be a part of Fishponds Old Boys.

Thanks was given to the committee for their hard work and support throughout the season to help the club continue to run and function successfully.

Ian also thanked Tony Walker and Matt Doe for stepping in to run the 3rd team towards the end of the season and Sue, Dollie and Downend Cricket Club for what they have provided the club over the season.

Final thanks went out to all the sponsors of the club for their input. It was mentioned there will be new sponsors next season for both 1st Team and Reserves along with new kits for the 2014/15 season. There will also be a new sponsor of the 1st team tracksuits and the possibility of an additional sponsor for the Reserve Team for tracksuits. This is to be discussed.




3rd Team

Tony Walker thanked the club for getting him back involved. He also thanked Matt for his help through to the end of the season. They did their best with what they had available, but unfortunately this was not enough to keep the team up. Tony and Matt both said they were grateful for the effort the players had put in for them during their time in charge. It was agreed that they were in an almost impossible position but it was greatly appreciated by the committee for the efforts put in by Tony & Matt to keep the team going.


Steve spoke of his frustrations over the season with player availability and not being able to name the same team week on week, but noted that there was room for improvement with the way he and the club want to go forward. Overall the season was a frustrating one, but ended on a real high with winning the last game of the season, beating 2nd in the league Sartan United who had only lost twice, both times to the top side.

1st Team

Ian spoke of the same frustrations as Steve regarding player availability but overall a very good season for the 1st team. Ending up 4th in the league, which was the clubs highest position, both Ian and Tony want to push forward and improve further next season. Ian also spoke about getting in new players to improve all 3 teams.


Secretary Report

Daryl informed there are no updates at present due to the League AGM being held on 25th June 2014.

The fair play league results were announced for each team. The 1st Team were 8th in their league, the Reserves were top and 3rd Team were 2nd from bottom.

Everyone thanked Steve & the Reserves on this achievement as it reflects well on the club. Thanks also went to Daryl on getting the result cards in, as over the season the club got full marks.

Daryl will provide an update after the League AGM, but nothing was expected to change greatly.


Treasurer Report

Sue handed out the financial report for the year showing the club has made a profit this season thanks mainly to the social events organised by Tony Palmer.

Sue mentioned that most of the outstanding subs & fines list remains as is. Communication will be made to the players though to retrieve the outstanding debt before next season starts. She mentioned that any player who owes from the previous season will need to pay up in full before they can sign on. Ian re-iterated this statement. This also includes the signing on fee being paid on top of any outstanding debt.

There was then an open discussion on how to best control this throughout the season so the list is not as long at the end of the season when it becomes harder to retrieve these debts.


Changes to the Constitution

Rule 6 – Proposal to change by adding ‘and club players representative’. This rule amendment was proposed and seconded.



Training will start on Tuesday 15th July and will run on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s until further notice. This will be held at our home pitch, Badminton Road. There are a few options on some new people coming in to take the training sessions that will help with pre-season preparations.

There was a secondary discussion around training in general and players brought their views on how it can be improved. They would like to see managers attend so they can see who is performing well along with assisting help with some training drills.


Ian then opened the floor to all in attendance.


Update on cautions – It has been agreed that Fishponds Old Boys will not charge the additional £2 for cautions as long as the fine is paid in time. If the payment is made before 14 days of the player being told, then the charge is only £10. If the player does NOT pay within 14 days of being told, it is then up to the committee if the £2 charge is enforced or not.

Sam Payne asked about footballs and equipment for training. Ian mentioned that Pete had checked all the equipment held at the ground and everything is in place. There was then a discussion around equipment in general.

Mark Slateford asked about training tops. Ian has been talking with Gary Hillard to get an online facility set up where players or anyone can purchase the goods directly. This is still on-going.

Sam Payne asked about the possibility of Fishponds applying for a lottery grant. There was a long discussion around this and what is required in order to fulfil the requirements. The example of AEK Boco was discussed. Committee will meet and discuss a way forward for this and look into what is required.

A discussion about youth football took place and the possibility of Fishponds OB getting involved again. This is something being looked at and feelers have been put out to see what can be done. It was agreed by all this could not be done overnight. Sam mentioned it would be good to be kept informed of any progress made on this.


Election of Officers

Records & Statistics – Mark Gillen, Players Rep – Sam Payne (Thanks to Jack for his efforts this season), Kit & Equipment – Tony Walker, Registrations – Jeff Slateford, Social Secretary – Tony Palmer, Draw – Delyth Evans, Treasurer – Sue Morris, Vice Chairperson – Delyth Evans, Chairman – Ian Pullin were the sole applicants for these positions. All were passed and seconded.

Secretary – No applicants. Daryl will continue in the role until he leaves to go tavelling. This is a VACANT position and needs to be filled. If you feel you can do this role, please contact the Chairman or Daryl to discuss further.

Life President to be discussed by committee at the next meeting.


3 nominations were received for the managers positions

Ian Pullin & Tony Palmer (Joint), Steve Lowe and Tony Walker.


Decision on managers to be agreed at the committee meeting held after the AGM.


Any Other Business

Jeff thanked the 1st team for the photo taken with John. He also gave special thanks to the committee for their support over the past months and especially to Ian for his support of John and the family.

One trophy was presented to Sam Payne for 150 goals.


Chairmans' closing remarks

Ian again thanked those who attended and wished everyone good luck for next season. Meeting closed at 20:50PM

                                                                                                                Appointment of Managers


The Committee would like to announce the appointment of the Managers for the 2014/15 season.

1st Team - Tony Palmer & Ian Pullin (joint managers)

                                                                                                       2nd Team - Steve Lowe

                                                                                                       3rd Team - Tony Walker


                                                                                                 Congratulations and good luck for the coming season

                                                                                                                   Pre-Season Friendlies


                                  Saturday 2nd August - 1sts v. AEK Boco 4-3 (T.Smyth (2), Moreton, A.Pitcher-Sage)

                                  Tuesday 5th August - 1sts v. Longwell Green Sports Res. 1-8 (Pugsley)

                                  Wednesday 6th August - 3rds v. Torpedo FC 'A'  2-5 (Chambers, Skinner)                                                                                                  

                                  Wednesday 13th August - 2nds v. Torpedo FC Res.  1-3 (D.Lowe)

                                  Saturday 16th August - 1sts & 2nds v. Frampton Athletic  - 1sts  3-1 (Moreton, A.Thomas, J.Payne) / 2nds  3-6 (D.Lowe, A.Pitcher-Sage, Litten)            

                                  Wednesday 27th August - 1sts v. 2nds  5-2 (S.Payne (3), Pugsley, Doe / D.Lowe (2))

Peter Wilson has been elected as the new President of the club at the recent Committee meeting (Monday 18th August 2014). He takes over from well respected and long serving Life President John Potter, who sadly passed away on 18th May and was someone with whom Pete had a very close friendship. He has been with FOB for over thirty years (1974-92 / 99- present) in a variety of roles from player through to Chairman and sponsored the club during and after his hiatus, along with colleague Ray Cardwell (Good Morning Foods & Disposables). The club look forward to having him as President and wish him every success over the coming years.

                                                                                   Potential Appearances & Goals scored landmarks for this season


                                  200 Appearances  -  Sam Payne (3)

                                  100 Appearances  -  Craig Francis (16),  Ricky Wilkes (3)  

                                  200 Goals scored  - Craig Hillier (23)

                                  100 Goals scored  - Darren Coole (15),  Mark Slateford (15)

                                  50 Goals scored  -   Barry Lumbard (15)    


*All totals required in brackets are up to date*  

In his eighth season over a period of ten years Nick Lee finally made his 100th appearance for the club in the 1st teams 2-0 Prem. One victory at Ridings High (Saturday 04/10/2014). Having joined in 2005, Nick played for five years before taking a two season break at the end of 2010. Since his return for the start of 2012-13 he has generally featured in any position down the spine of the team (good versatility for a big man!). Despite ongoing knee trouble he has found the net fifteen times during his second spell to currently stand on a total of 32 goals overall. We're all looking forward to 2025 when Nick can celebrate appearance number 200!!

Dave Bennett, having been 'stuck' on the dreaded 49 for some time, became the 45th player in FOBFC history to score 50 goals when he grabbed the first equaliser during the 3rd teams Division 5 2-2 draw against North Bristol Trust (Saturday 01/11/2015) on what was his 238th appearance. Dave, (son-in-law of long serving member and current Club President Pete Wilson) signed in 2004 and spent his first two seasons in the 3rds. The majority of his games since have been as a 2nd Team box to box central midfield regular, however, he has also stepped up to play for the 1sts whenever required and has done so on more than 60 occasions.

If you speak to Dave about his goals, most of them are 'spectacular' with the majority being overhead kicks from outside the box along with the odd diving header!!

For last couple of seasons he has undertaken the thankless task of kit washing, which can be a shocker of a job, especially after a game on a muddy pitch. Thanks for that Dave and congratulations on reaching your 50.

Dale Lowe (Saturday 18/04/2015) v. Hanham Athletic Suburbia fifth hat-trick which includes one match scoring 5 and two netting 4 27 in 19 (2 in 5 1sts)

all time club leading scorer Chris 'Nobby' Pomphrey 24 in 14 matches 1977/78

Luke Bigwood 100 1st team away 1-3 defeat v. Mangotsfield Sports (Saturday 25/04/2015). 2003/04 start, season breaks two seasons (07-09) and three seasons  (11-14) returning this season