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                                                                     AGM Meeting held 28th June 2015 at Downend Cricket Club @ 7:30PM


Apologies for absence - Dave Bennett, Jeff Slateford, Sue Morris, Ian Pullin, Pat Watson, Mike Slateford, Mark Slateford, Lee Slateford, Jack Payne, Kevin Morris, Lewis Loveridge. Steve Lowe also had a list of apologies.

Minutes of last meeting - These were Proposed and Seconded

Delyth advised in Ian’s absence she would be chairing the meeting.


Chairs' Opening Remarks


Delyth read out some notes provided by Ian. He wanted to welcome those in attendance and thanked them for making the effort. The following was written by Ian;

“Firstly a big thank you to Downend Cricket Club for their warm hospitality throughout the season, I am sure you can all agree that without Sue, Dolly and John, all of our bellies would not be full week in week out.

I would like to thank all the committee. Without your dedication, time and effort towards me and the football club, it could not run so efficiently.

A big thank you to all players who have played this season.

Congratulations to all managers who have put their time and effort into running the sides this season. Thank you.”

Ian then had a few words on the reasons why he would not be standing for chairman again this season.

Delyth thanked Ian for all his efforts on behalf of all on the committee.


Manager Reports


1st Team

Tony started by thanking all the players who have played in the 1st team this season. Tony agreed with Ians words, that due to a lack of passion himself, it was hard to get going for the season, but this is still a great club to play for. Tony spoke of the atmosphere at the social events, and how we as a club need to drive to get that atmosphere throughout all the teams’ week in, week out. Overall a mixed season but thanks to all players who have played their part.



Steve followed on from Tony’s comments, and also thanked all the players who helped get the reserve team promoted this season. Steve also thanked those players who have attended the AGM as that shows those who spoke up throughout the season, have not come to show or speak up when it matters. Steve spoke of communication he has sent out, of which he received a mix response where there were replies. Steve thanked all of the committee for their efforts this season.

All of the committee would like to congratulate Steve and the Reserves in gaining promotion this season.


3rd Team

Tom spoke on behalf of the 3rd team. Commitment had a big effect on the 3rd team throughout the season, but when games were played, there was a good atmosphere. Tom spoke of the issues regarding getting players, and the knock on effect of collecting the monies for each game. He mentioned that the players do want to continue to play, and are committed to the club. The committee thanked Tom for his comments.


Secretary Report/Update


Overall the season ran very well with no real need to re-arrange too many games. A few issues throughout the season regarding disciplinary issues, but isolated incidents that we need to keep an eye on for next season.

Daryl updated everyone on the outcome of the League AGM. 6 new teams have entered in to the league. There is a new Referee Secretary, Rod Green, who will be supported by Simon Turner.

There are a few rule changes, the ones of note are as follows,

Rule 8C

A team shall not include any player who has taken part in a more senior competition match during the current season unless the parent Club in this Competition is of a higher standard.

The Club may request permission from the Management Committee to register a player returning on a regular basis from a higher standard.

For the purpose of this Competition a higher standard is level seven or above

Reason: to stop higher level players being brought in at the end of season etc to help Clubs win League and Cups and avoid relegation

All teams affiliated for next season with Gloucestershire FA, waiting on the fixtures to be released.


Treasurer Report


Delyth provided the Financial Report in Sue’s absence. Delyth advised that the figures quoted are not up to date as Sue has since received some outstanding monies from this season that will need updating.

Delyth pointed out the figures for the end of the season (previous and current) to highlight the amount of money involved in running a football club, and although we have money, the balance is dwindling. She spoke of recent years and compared them to show the decline we as a club have had over the last 5 years.

Reference was made to some comments made during the season by players that the club is "only after our money". Delyth advised, with evidence of the financial report, that money is essential to the running of any football club, and this report highlights the decline we have had over recent years.

Matt Doe commented on the cost of Kit Wash and ways in which this could be reduced. The Committee agreed and will discuss at the next meeting ways to reduce this.

Pete mentioned the rise in fines is due to the number of cancelled games this season. This has been a big loss over the last few seasons for the club.

Delyth also bought attention to the signing on fees. This season we collected just over 50% of players signing on fees. This highlights the little bits that all add up to a lot of money being lost. Players are vital to the running of a club, but money is also key, and we need all players to pay up all debts as soon as possible.

Tony mentioned that the Social aspect hasn’t been so forward coming this season and acknowledged this. However he mentioned that it shows the importance of the social events the club runs to help generate extra money for the club. Social Activities are the heartbeat of any club, and when Fishponds have a social event, it is always a good laugh and brings everyone together.


Changes to the Constitution


Delyth commenced on any changes that need or requested to be made to the constitution.

Rule 6 – Proposal to remove ‘Life Members’, this rule amendment was agreed and seconded.

Rule 11 – Proposal to amend ‘Suspend’ with ‘Not to be available for selection for up to 5 games’, this was agreed and seconded

Rule 15 – Proposal to amend ‘Will’ to ‘may’, this was agreed and seconded.



Election of Officers


Records/Website – Mark Gillen the sole applicant. This was passed and seconded.

Players Rep – No applicants but there were names put forward at the AGM. The committee will discuss at the next meeting.

Kit & Equipment – Pete Wilson the sole applicant. This was passed and seconded.

Registration – Jeff Slateford the sole applicant. This was passed and seconded.

Social – Tony Palmer the sole applicant. This was passed and seconded. Tony did ask for help throughout the season. Alex Litten said he would help Tony in this role.

Draw – Delyth Evans the sole applicant. This was passed and seconded.

Treasurer – Sue Morris the sole applicant. This was passed and seconded.

Secretary – Daryl Litten the sole applicant. This was passed and seconded

Vice Chairperson – Delyth Evans the sole applicant. This was passed and seconded.

Chairman – Colin Levick the sole applicant. This was passed and seconded.


The committee would like to put on record their thanks to Ian Pullin for his efforts as Chairman and also wished to welcome Colin as the new chairman.


Colin spoke to all present of what his aims and reasons were for applying as chairman of Fishponds Old Boys. He spoke of the divide between the committee and players and how he wants to close this gap so that all issues are dealt with quickly and effectively, and to help improve the club on and off the football pitch.


Only one nomination was received for the managers positions;

Steve Lowe

Decision on managers to be agreed at the committee meeting held after the AGM.




Training will begin on Wednesday 15th July at Badminton Road Playing fields (home ground) at 6:30 for a 7pm start. Daryl mentioned that if anyone has ideas on training methods please bring them forward, and anyone willing to take a training session can do so.

Tom mentioned about the use of the Astro pitch and the cost involved in this. There was a discussion on how we can reduce this cost. One view which was largely agreed upon was changing to alternate weeks. Daryl will contact Active Sports to amend the booking. Committee will discuss further at the next meeting.


Any Other Business


Tom spoke about the use of Social Media to promote the club as we all know the need for getting in new players and managers. Tom has volunteered to take over the running of the Fishponds Old Boys Twitter Account.

Tony followed what Tom had said by adding that all players can help promote the club, and the ways we can all do this.

Steve advised that he has a few friendlies already lined up and potentially some new players coming along.

There was a brief discussion on other income streams that the club can utilise. Tony and Daryl will maintain and view throughout the season.

Closing remarks from the chairman (Delyth continued for this meeting)

Delyth provided a quote from a previous chairman that needs to be re-iterated – “We need to remember that great clubs are generated from within. This is your time, your team, your club, you have to be committed, you can help to make this happen.

Delyth finished by thanking those who attended and wished everyone luck for the coming season.


Meeting was closed at 20:45



Sam Payne 200 (Saturday 03/10/2015) 2nd Team v. Wessex Wanderers 0-1  2006/07

3rd Team (Saturday 24 October 2015) disbanded

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the premature passing of our former player Steve Wood after illness.

He played for the club between 2003 and 2008 and was also a regular for the Sunday side around the same time.

Steve (Woodsy) was a larger than life character who was always great to have around, both on the pitch and socially. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Our thoughts are with his wife Emma and their two children and of course the rest of his family and friends at this very sad and difficult time.

Only a short time after losing one former member of Fishponds Old Boys F.C., the club is sad to have to announce the passing of former Chairman and club legend Chris Towill after a long battle with illness. After joining in 1992, Chris went on to become the clubs' longest serving Chairman (2000-2010) and while serving initially as a player, also managed all four teams over a number of seasons (2003-2013).

Our condolences go to wife Jackie, ex-wife Lesley and children Ross and Charlotte, who grew up with many of us at FOB during Chris' many years at the club, along with the rest of his family and other friends outside of football.

Chris's funeral service will take place at Westerleigh Crematorium on Friday 5th February at 10am and afterwards at Downend Cricket Club.

The family requests that FOB club colours or polo shirts be worn on the day if possible. Please come along to pay your respects.

A memorial page will be dedicated to Chris on our website at a later date.

Following several incidents which have occurred within the club and the uncertainty as to what has happened over recent weeks, we as a committee would like to address all issues to you as players, fans and members.

Colin Levick has stepped down from his role of Chairman and Delyth Evans is now the Acting Chairman for the remainder of the season. Delyth has committed herself to being a ‘hands on’ Chair Person and will be available for any player, member or person who has an issue they would like to discuss. I would like to offer her our thanks and support for stepping up and would hope you as players, also show your support to Delyth and this Football Club.

Going forward. Facebook shall be used only in a constructive manner in a way that will benefit the club. Any personal issues or questions around availability or selection, MUST be addressed to the relevant manager and not discussed over Facebook. This applies to both players, managers, and committee members and all posts will be reviewed.

This is a great club, and we are also a family. So let’s all pull together and take this club forward and get back to enjoying and winning each week, along with enjoying our Saturdays at the club.


Thank you for your continued support

Daryl Litten 200 (Saturday 2/4/2016) 2nd Team v. Long Ashton Res. first match of a double fixture 1-2  2008/09