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                                                             AGM Minuted held 26th June 2016 at Downend Cricket Club @ 7:30PM



Apologies: Sue Morris, Kevin Morris, Mark Slateford, Mark Gillen, Craig Brown, Dan Stone


Chairman’s Opening Remarks


DE spoke of the difficulties throughout the season within the club and many changes.


DE spoke of disappointment that the first team were not able to sustain their position in Prem 1, but glad that the Reserves were able to stay in Div 2.


DE thanked all of committee for their efforts. Thanks to all managers and their assistants. Thanks to DCC and Sue for all the work they have done throughout the season.


DE paid personal thanks to both Jeff Slateford for his long standing service to FOB and to Daryl Litten for his work throughout the season, which was recognised by the award of the Alan Evans Trophy.


Secretary Update


DL confirmed that the league structures had been released, and the First Team have been relegated to Prem 2. Reserves have remained in Division 2.


GFA affiliation has commenced and has now been completed for our 2 teams.


DL gave a brief update on the situation with Badminton Road Playing Fields. No real news as the moment, continuing battles between South Glos Council and Downend & Bromley Heath Parish Council. Consensus of those involved is that the facilities HAVE to be improved and if South Glos will not address these, the avenue of knocking the pavilion down, and building a purpose built facility via funding is to be sought.


Treasurer Update


DE presented the accounts on behalf of Sue Morris who was unable to attend. DE spoke on the continual loss on the figures and hopes this highlights the reason for us always chasing the money. Only a few items made a profit, but again came from players being chased up for monies.


DE spoke on the importance for players to pay up for fines and subs as this is what we as a club require to maintain financially.


DG spoke about funding externally to help support the club financially and the use of club fundraisers to help build the financial side of the club.


There was a general discussion on the clubs finances and how to improve and the view from players as to how they are acknowledged of any outstanding views.


PW spoke on the slight positive on reduction on monies lost overall, whilst it’s a loss, it’s not to the level it has been.


SL mentioned on the signing on fee, and how the club will ensure this is collected. This will be discussed later on.


MD spoke on the fees for kit wash and the cost of this over the year. Those who would like to make a change, can this be put forward to the new committee for them to make a decision. Ideas of players wash the kit, include shorts and socks within signing on fee and then just the tops within the wash. DE asked that all players to write down ideas for the new committee for discussion.


Managers Reports


DG spoke of difficulties from when he joined, and having players of the ability to perform at the level required. DG confirmed that players are committed back to FOB and how this will help the club progress forward for the upcoming season. DG spoke of pre-season and the chance to look at new potential players and the plans for pre-season with training every Tuesday and Thursday with friendlies for first team going on through July and August. DG spoke of the main aim to bounce straight back in to Prem 1 and also help improve the quality of the Reserves and net result, aim for both teams to get promoted this season. DG spoke of potential avenues of ways to improve the image of the club, and how to make it an attractive club which the new committee will need to look in to for the long term gain of the club.


DG spoke of his ambition to commit to the club, but he also wants the players to commit throughout the season, as without players the job becomes untenable. So commitment from players is a must for those who run the club to have the enthusiasm to continue in their roles.


SL added on to DG’s comments. SL mentioned of the issues of commitments, which have affected the last few years. But the view of improving the club and making it more attractive will assist with the commitment issue. SL spoke about the gaps in levels between the teams that must be improved, and in doing so will allow for us to improve as a club and help build a relationship between the 2 teams. SL spoke of the feel good factor he can feel within the club and the drive for progression.


DL thanked those who played throughout the season. DL also thanked Matt Doe for his efforts and support over the season, which has made the process a lot easier for all. Overall was a mixed season but pleased the Reserves stayed up. Dl spoke about building for next season and pushing both teams up the league and aim for promotion.


TP added his agreement in comments that were raised by DG, SL and DL. TP spoke of how he turns up to enjoy the Saturday, regardless of whether that is playing, drinking, socialising, etc. TP spoke of the want to bring back that feel good factor and for players to be able to see the future plans of the club and where we could progress forward.


MD just finalised from the comments made, but MD enhanced those comments from TP on the feeling within the club is improving which in turn is helping bring the club forward and together.


Changes to the Constitution


DE spoke of a new rule in relation to events over the season that needed to be added and is as follows,


Rule 17 - “All Social media (including Facebook, etc) is not the place for which FOB club policy should be discussed. This media will only be used for the purpose of encouragement and selection, and promoting the club in a positive manner”


The new rule was proposed by PW and seconded by MD


Election of Officers


President – No nominations. This will be looked at by the new committee


Chairperson – No names forward, DE mentioned she would continue and this was agreed and seconded


Vice Chair – One nomination, Tony Palmer, this was proposed and seconded


Secretary – One nomination, Daryl Litten, this was proposed and seconded


Treasurer – One nomination, Sue Morris, this was proposed and seconded


Kit & Equipment – No nomination but PW will continue if requested, this was proposed and seconded


Records Update – No nominations, to be discussed by the new committee


Players Rep – One nomination, Matt Doe, this was proposed and seconded


Social Secretary – 3 nominations, David Firth, Tony Palmer and Lewis Loveridge. All 3 were proposed and seconded


Draw – DE to continue and discuss with David Firth on how to progress


Jon Eames and Jay Kronie have also applied for no specific position on the committee, but they were proposed and seconded with future roles to be decided.




Training will commence on Thursday 30th June, and thereafter every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30PM until when the light allows it. When light is an issue, training will move to Bristol Metropolitan School again, date as is will be Wednesday 8PM – 9PM but this will be confirmed, DL to check any other times and dates out and advise back


Any Other Business


DG asked on the thoughts on whether the individual team managers should be a part of the committee to help bring football to the forefront of decision making within the club. DG and others spoke of other clubs, whereby managers are part of the committee. DE has noted this down for future note.


Jack Payne and Sam Payne mentioned on future presentations, and ways to improve turn out, and increase the numbers. General consensus on ways we can make it more of a fun event. This will be looked at going forward.


There was then a discussion on the way player’s player is worked out and how this can be changed. Again to be discussed by the new committee on how this can be amended. All agreed that more trophies are required to help make it more fun and enjoyable and also it looks a lot better if more awards are there.


There was a comment made on what we get back from DCC overall. DG spoke of potential where local businesses are seeking people and clubs to utilise their places. This is something that can be addressed under the new committee but is something that should be looked at.


TP spoke about the new group for Fishponds Old Boys and ensuring that it is liked and promoted.


TP also mentioned the new website that has been set up for the club shop where all new kit and equipment can be ordered. This also needs promoting, but some items may be funded by a potential sponsor.


Chairman’s Closing Remarks


DE spoke of the honour to be the chairman of FOB and looking forward to the upcoming season. DE spoke of the need of commitment from players to help push this club forward to support those on committee of the aims and ambitions we all want for the club.


DE mentioned that she would be a chairman by which people could come and talk with for issues and always be approachable. DE did re-iterate that all great clubs are built within, and hopes to see a positive feeling within the club for this upcoming season.


Meeting closed at 21:06


Follow Up Meeting after AGM


1st Team Manager – Darren Greaves

Reserve Team Manager – Steve Lowe

Both proposed and seconded.

There was a discussion on what to do with possible moves away for hospitality. This was agreed as a viable option to progress.


Date of Next meeting 11/07/2016 – @ 7:00 at The Beaufort Hunt - Downend



Congratulations to Barry Lumbard who made his 200th appearance on Saturday (15th October) in the 2nd team's 3-0  home win over Stockwood Wanderers Reserves. `Baz' as he is affectionately known, has achieved this total over two spells with the club. Initially playing from 2004-2009 and then returning in 2013.

Congratulations to Richard Player who achieved 500 appearance’s on Saturday (28th January). Richard joined as a 16 year old and is in his third spell with the club. Starting in 1982-90, 1999-2005 and 2009 to the present. Richard is best known for having to ask what the score is during and after games, as he has quite often been wrong. Well done Richard, still going strong at 50.


Congratulations to Steve 'Rory' Thomas on making 100 appearances on Saturday (11th February) in the 1st Teams 2-2 home draw with Cadbury Heath Res. Steve joined the club at the start of the 2013/14 season and has been a regular part of the 1st team defence ever since.

Congratulations to Andy Pitcher-Sage on making 100 appearances on Saturday (4th March) in the 1st Teams 1-0 loss to Ridings High. Andy joined the club at the start of the 2013/14 season and has been a key player for both the first team and for the reserves in their promotion winnning season.

Congratulations to Dan Carey on making 100 appearances on Wednesday (29th March) in the 2nd Teams 4-4 away draw with AEK Boco Colts. Dan joined the club back in 2013, and has found himself a constant in the reserves. Along with occasional call ups to the 1st team. Dan is a very consistent performer.

Congratulations to Matt Doe on making 100 appearances on Saturday (8th April) in the 2nd Teams 1-0 loss to Bristol Spartak. Matt joined the club back in 2013, and has found himself a constant member of the club playing for both 1st team and Reserves, full of commitment and passion in every game he has played.

Congratulations to Ally Bigwood on making 100 appearances on Saturday (29th April) in the 2nd Teams 2-2 draw to Stockwood Wanderers Reserves. Ally has been an integral member of the reserves for many seasons between the sticks, with the occasional call up to the first team. Vastly experienced and always badgers the defence.