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AGM Minutes 15/6/2017


DE welcomed everyone to the 48th Annual General Meeting of Fishponds Old Boys. DE thanked those in attendance for making the effort, and it was good to see the numbers at AGM.


Apologies: Dave Bennett, Pete Wilson, Pete Daniels, Tom Skinner, Steve Scannell, Steve Thomas, James Potts, Marc Hughes, Mark Slateford, James Lyons, Andy P-Sage, Dan P-Sage, Greg Hough, Charlie Key


Meeting commenced at 19:30pm


Previous minutes agreed as read


Chairs' Opening Remarks


This season 2016 – 17 has again been a very interesting year, full of incidents both on and off the field.


We decided to leave Downend Cricket Club as we had received an offer of sponsorship from The Beaufort, a 'gift' we felt we couldn't refuse, as the funds of FOB were quite low. Unfortunately, because of renovation work at The Beaufort, we had to find a new venue, and so The Trident was chosen. I felt that we must mention Julie at the AGM, who was also in attendance of the Presentation Night, who is the overall manager for The Beaufort & Fleur De Lis. Julie kept her promises to provide us with funds from the start of the season, and in total provided £1280 to the club account. The Trident also has been very successful and we will also be obtaining sponsorship from them.


DE then moved on to the football side of things. Massive congratulations to the first team who were promoted back to Premier 1 as Champions. Special thanks went out to Tony Palmer who stepped in to help cover the first team, and seen them through until the end of the season.


DE also congratulated the Reserves for reaching the Cup final, albeit that we didn't win the cup, every player and member of the squad can be proud of their achievements in reaching the cup final.


DE made a special thank you to those who ran the Bristol 10K in honour of 3 former members of FOB, and that she was proud both personally, and as chairman of this club.


DE finally thanked all on the committee for their efforts throughout the season, from the highs of having 10 members, and finishing with just 5.


Secretary Update


DL provided an update on the home ground, Badminton Road Playing Fields. DL advised all that Downend & Bromley Heath Parish Council have now taking over the maintenance of the site, and this is now in place. DL also advised that there are future plans to improve the facilities for the benefit of all groups that use the field area.


DL spoke about the aim of all that are involved, and the drive to improve the facilities, and this is a plan to be done in the future.


DL also advised that he and TP will be collecting the league trophy and medals at the League AGM which is on Tuesday 20th June.


Treasurer Update


The end of year financial accounts was passed around to all in attendance.


The club has made a profit over the season, many thanks in part to the money provided by The Beaufort Pub Chain.


Some areas were mentioned on where the monies had gone down, and the reasons for. For example the draw money has gone down as less numbers were sold and pitch costs have gone down, due to fewer teams.


DE thanked SM for her hard work over the season.


Managers' Reports


TP spoke of the highs he had from the season, even though at the beginning of the season with Darren Greaves taking over, which for him made the season a very enjoyable one, both on the pitch and off the pitch. TP said the atmosphere within the club was up there with some of the best he has experienced during his time at FOB. There were some lows, with certain games; overall it was a positive season, with a feeling of good things to come.


MD asked a question on TP's ambitions for the club / First Team. TP said for him he would like a solid top 6 season, and for the reserves to push for promotion with both clubs getting a good cup run.


SL thanked those who were involved with the social element which has helped make the club the place it. SL spoke of the main positive this season was the positive communication between all managers, which helped push both teams forward. SL mentioned that the positivity within the club has meant it has become a club people want to come to, and is a club going forward.


JC thanked from a players view for all those who have been on the committee, with a big thanks to DS who has helped push the social events forward, which as mentioned has helped the club come together.


Changes to the Constitution


Rule Number 18 – To be deleted. Seconded and approved


TP spoke about Rule 13 (Subs) and 14 (Sign on Fee), and his views on increasing this, in line with the inflation of costs off the pitch for pitch fees, and affiliation fees. TP has suggested Sign On Fee of £15, and Subs up to £6. TP did also mention of the sponsorship for jackets and tops, to help 'justify' the increase in fee.


There was general discussion and most would not be against £20 for Sign On Fee, which would be seen as reasonable.


JC mentioned the issue with a £6 sign on fee that the scenario will be players turn up with just £5, which makes life for the club collecting debt harder to do.


Rule Number 13 – Subs to remain as £5. No change


Rule Number 14 – Signing on fee to increase to £25, Students £20. Passed and agreed.

DE mentioned on the back of the funds, to take a draw number as default. There was a general consensus that this is a good idea to make it part of the signing process.


A new rule to the constitution that 'Any player who signs on for the club must purchase a draw number' – Agreed and seconded


Election of Officers


President – Steve Lowe is the only nomination. This was proposed and seconded


Chairperson – Delyth is the only nomination. This was proposed and seconded


Vice-Chair – Tony is the only nomination. This was proposed and seconded


Secretary – Daryl Litten is the only nomination. This was proposed and seconded


Treasurer – Sue Morris is the only nomination. This was proposed and seconded


Kit & Equipment – No nominations, but this was recommended to tie in with the managers and assistants role. This was agreed and seconded


Kit Wash – Tony's relative has shown an interest. This was proposed and seconded. It was also mentioned this will be cheaper


Records – Daryl Litten & Pete Daniels nominated. Agreed to both carry out the role. This was proposed and seconded.


Players Rep – Steve Thomas & Pete Daniel – Both proposed and seconded


Social Committee – Delyth Evans, Dan Stone, Tom Skinner (possibly), Pete Daniel (possibly).  All proposed and seconded.


Club Development Officer – Barry Lumbard has recommended this to be a new role within the committee.

Barry has also put his name forward for it. This was proposed and seconded. Jay Cronie said he would be happy to assist.


Manager’s applications put forward to date


1st Team – Steve Lowe & Tony Palmer – To be approved after AGM

Reserve Team – Barry Lumbard & Daryl Litten – To be approved after AGM




Pre-Season to commence on Thursday 22nd June.


DL to look for alternative locations for when the light becomes bad.


PD sent an email to mention that training must be taking more serious, and maybe by having a set warm up routine, which helps players know what they are doing, throughout the club.


TP spoke about players taking training seriously, which then sets a good example to any news players, but also helps the club push forward with competition. TP also asked anyone who can help take training, or know people who can assist with training, who can come from the outside in, maybe coaches or people looking to get in to coaching.


General consensus is that if training is more structured, more will turn up, and equally get more out of it.


Any Other Business


There was a discussion on planning a big event for the clubs 50th Year Anniversary. Plans to be brought forward by the new committee.


TD mentioned if any sponsorship was required. The committee to speak with TD to provide more details.


TP read out a message from APS about tailoring the social events to what the players will attend, rather than just money makers. This was


Chairs' Closing Remarks


DE said it was an honour to stand as chairman of FOB again, and is looking forward to what next season will bring. DE is delighted with the enthusiasm shown by players and managers throughout the season, and even now after the season has finished. DE hopes this commitment carries on throughout the next season and DE looks forward to the new season.