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          The club shall be called Fishponds Old Boys Football Club.


          The aims of the club shall be to promote the game of football.


          The financial year shall end on the date of the Annual General Meeting.


          The quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be ten members.


          At the Annual General Meeting all officers of the club shall stand down, and may or may not stand for



          The management committee of the club will consist of: - President, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer,  

         Players Representative, and a maximum of five other members.


          Nominations and votes must come from those present at the Annual General Meeting, unless written  

         instructions have been received.


          At the Annual General Meeting only paid up members will be entitled to vote.


          The Treasurer and Secretaries reports will be presented at the Annual General Meeting.


          The selection of teams shall be in the hands of a Selection Committee, which must include managers or their



          The Management Committee has the right to make, not available for selection for up to 5 games, any member  

         who, in their opinion, has brought the club into disrepute.


          Applications for managers' posts will be considered by the Management Committee, who have the authority

         to review these positions at any time.

          All applications to be made to the Chair, in writing, by the Annual General Meeting.


          Match fees will be £5 per match. The Management Committee reserves the right to review this at any time.


          Signing on fees will be £25 per season. Signing on fees include membership of the club.

         The Management Committee reserves the right to review this at any time.


         Money owing to the club must be paid within 14 days of a directive from the secretary, unless special  

         dispensation has been granted by the Management Committee.

          Failure to comply may result in the suspension of the player until the payment has been received.

         An administrative charge will be made.


          Money for appeals against GFA suspension must be received prior to the commencement of the appeals  



          All Social media (including Facebook, etc.) is not the place for which FOB club policy should be discussed.    

         This media will only be used for the purpose of encouragement and selection, and promoting the club in a  

         positive manner.


         Fishponds Old Boys Football Club will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any personal  



          Fishponds Old Boys Football Club does hold a group personal accident policy, but recommends that its

         members arrange their own appropriate cover.


          The Management Committee's decision on matters of finance regarding any activities organised by

         Fishponds Old Boys Football Club, shall be final.


          No alteration or addition to the above rules to be made unless decided at the Annual General Meeting,

         or an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting.


         Any player signing on for Fishponds Old Boys will automatically purchase a draw number.




Club Constitution

Last Amended 20 June 2017